Wednesday, December 10, 2008

This Place I call Obscurity Phase 2

First off I want to apologize to all my fellow blogger buddies and spectators. I have left this blog on a cliffhanger. No I did not die on the way to Atlanta LOL. I actually made it safely and I have just been getting adjusted for the last month and thus neglected this here blog. so wow where do I start. Hmm.......maybe I should answer some of these looming questions that have been in my previous posts comments section. now I know that there is some sort of stereotypes about dudes moving to atlanta, but I feel it is necessary to mention that I really don't fit the mold of any perceived model or expectation of young males like myself

1st question: Turn me up a lil do u have a job? Um yes I have a job...why wouldn't I?

2nd question: Oh Turn Me up well you can't be enrolled in school because you obviously moved to Atlanta to fuck and go to all the parties right? No. I am enrolled in school. Why would you think I wasn't I mean I thought I made it clear I was transferring from the beginning.

3rd question: Who are you staying with? family and friends? the Street? C'mon now....I've had an apartment reserved down here since July.

Moral of the story: Turn me up has and always will be on BUSINESS.

Now with that out of the way let's get to the fun part. I have been here for a month and the experiences I have had here already have trumped all the occurrences in Minnesota for like three years. The boys, the parties, my great new apartment, my ghetto ass job, the attention, the drama (mild), the juggling, The prioritizing, the budgeting,never ending sweet tea, the clothes, the boys, the boys, ohhhh the boys LOL. All these things have made for the most defining time in my life so far. I know there are some naysayers out there who think I made a bad decision and I'm just a stereotype, but oh well I did what was right for me and so far everything is good so I have no regrets. I am for the first time in a long time optimistic of the future both socially and professionally. Now that I'm back in the swing of things with the blog I will try not to stay away for long again (How many times have I made this promise). I did have more to write but it's my birthday (the 10th), and this punk ass nigga just walked in here with a gallon of€ Kroger brand sweet tea as my birthday present....I mean how dare you?! I'm kind of burnt up right now so let me stop writing before I explode all over this blog.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Almost There

Very short post today, but I promise I will give a full one this weekend...(or next week, Ya'll know how I do).

So I'm in Milwaukee for a couple of days to see my family and meet up with Sebastian so he can trail me down to Georgia. Lord knows I don't feel like driving all these hours. My car is jam packed with a whole bunch of stuff I probably don't need but I'm such a pack rat, and I can only fight it so much. The best part of this whole moving thing so far is that it only cost me 28 dollars to fill up my tank. This is amazing because it used to cost me 70 dollars to fill up my big body caprice....yes 70 dollars! When I filled up my new car I was so confused like what does the screen say? I thought the pump had malfunctioned or somethin. I had to give my life to the lord in that moment for that blessing LOL.

Total sidebar: Why did one of my prior cut buddies ask me one a date? Where did he ask me to go?.....To Burger King. Are you serious? do you think I'm a two dolla ass negro? his response, "Well shit we can go to Pizza hut then." What? Please know that his number was deleted immediately

Anywho I need to make some cds for they trip but can't think of any good new songs. Any ideas?

Song of the Moment: *Jazmine Sullivan-My Foolish Heart*

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Organized Chaos

In an attempt to get things in order before I depart more than 1100 miles away things are getting really hectic. I hate hate hate waiting and depicted above (through my hands) is my frustration of gettin my brakes done. It took Forever!!! but they are done and I'm happy with my car situation. I just bought it last month, and so far it's running just fine.

All my furniture is going away. I sold my living room, bedroom, and kitchen set. My bedroom is now in shambles everything gone in a quick 15 minutes.

This is my bedroom before

Here it is at present. chaotic? yes but I know where everything is

Dating? hmmm...I don't even know what to say about that. I've been talkin to this dude since May that lives in Atlanta. We get along, nothing too serious, however once I get there will it change. I really do like him, but who knows what's ahead of me. He doesn't put any pressure on me either which is very good, or it may be he doesn't want to commit either. Every other dude is not even worth mentioning because they're either 1. Broke 2. ugly (extremely) 3. Broke and ugly.

So my near future roommate just got word that his sister will not be making the drive south with us, and with my friend flaking out on me too that means that both me and him will be driving down alone in our separate cars BOOOOOO!!!! I should give my roommate a name hmmm......Sebastian is fitting for him. I will post a pic of him very soon.

*Song of the moment: Tupac Feat. Keyshia Cole- Play your Cards Right*

Saturday, October 11, 2008

This is Art

This new video of 'If I Were a Boy' be Beyonce is amahhhhhhzing. It brought so much to an already top notch song. That's all I have to say for now, however I may be back like tomorrow to do a real post.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Minnesota Chainsaw Massacre

I have not blogged in SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long. I've been so busy, tired, horny, depressed, happy, angry, and horny all over again. So I ended up working 19 days straight with no days all...BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! But I do get hella overtime yay! Nothing really interesting happenned over the course of those days except that I bought a car.....yay!!! and I bought it wholesale so I have no car payments double yay!!!........AND i can be real ghetto and ratch and just get liability Insurance triple YAY!!!!!! Ok enough of the have you guys been Corey?.......ok not so good. Darius?.........laughing at mentally challenged individuals....tisk Me I'm doing really good this week. God has really been good to me very recently, and even though all things might come tumbling down next week I'll still have faith. what else....I'm lame, and I have nothing interesting to talk about. Obviously its 3:47 PM and I should be working but I ain't doin shit as usual, but texting and watching Youtube on my phone. I did go to a haunted house last weekend and it wasn't nothin BUT the lord that got me through it. What in the fuck is wrong with these mid western farmers and their twisted minds. I mean one part had a man with a chain saw that was turned on. I got so scared that I pushed everybody out the way, pulled this girl tracks out (she said it was her real hair but we all KNOW that wasn't nothin but Yaki), and jetted up the pathway. Tell me why the man with the chain saw started chasing me with gosh darn thing turned on. I did make it out safe but not without bein torn, brusied, and musty..........jk that degree is a beast.

Moving on the countdown has began for the big move and much business has to be taken care of. I will try to keep u guys updated, and I have more videos to post of people hurting themselves.....I should make it a weekly feature....Yes?....No?

*Song of the moment-Neyo: Single*

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Quick Random shit cuz i'm busy as hell....

Life recently has been really hectic. I've neglected my blog a lil, but only to take care of priorities. Rather than going into long paragraphs I'd rather jus be quick and random......kinda like my current sex life. So here we go:

  • I've been pulling hella overtime, and I'm tryin to plot and scheme a way to steal some more hours.
  • Have ya'll see that new trailer for that Buppies show? I'm kinda excited. I've been seeing on all these blogs and web I stole it and I'm gonna post it on here.
  • I've always wanted to be a Buppie....I'm half way there.
  • I Love that halle berry song that came from dallas.....HALLE BERRY!!!!!! its prolly old as hell.....(Thanks Merce)......
  • I cooked some hamburger helper tonight. I felt extra festive and threw in some steamed broccolli. I'm so proud of myself lol.
  • I know I'm extremely late but that Katy Perry song I kissed a girl is my shit....yes I've been under a rock.
  • Ok below I have 2 vids. The first one is a personal favorite of mine. It shows why you should never let people throw you in the air. The second one is of the trailer from Buppies....Enjoy!!

*Song of the moment: Ryan Leslie Feat. Cassie-Addiction*

They Fucked her up!!!! Her teamates need a whoop whoop.......I can't stop laughin...


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Introduced Me to Ya Family and Friends......

Ok so I jus got a chance to catch the Fashion Rocks performances, and although I think beyonce, as always, had a good performance I think Solange really did her thing. Her vocals and outfit were on point 4 real!!!.........Maybe I should think about buying her album.

Find more videos like this on The Celebrity Network

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Where Were We?

Well as I told you guys before My laptop has committed suicide so my life definitely sucks until next week when I get a new one. I really wanted to give all the details from the ATL trip, but Its so over. Instead I'll give a quick overview

  • Bulldogs was fun but I thought it for the older folks not that fatter folks

  • Trademark is too hot in the inside OMG!!!

  • 708 parking gave me what I needed. LOL

  • Why all the cross-dressing in Lenox Mall?

  • The Cascade house party was the shyt

  • The Park and Europe gave much life

  • Mr. Corey Keith Thanks For the company

Ok so moving on from but not really I am officially moving to Atlanta November 1st (I know surprise right). Me and my bestfriend are making the biggest moves of our lives and I'm so excited yet scared. Am I making a good decision or the WORST MOVE OF MY LIFE?? I don't know but I don't ever want to have ask my self what if? ya know......

I do have a plan......I've been planning since January

I wish I could post pics of my future apt but they're in my old phone.....I love it BTW

I got an Iphone!!!!

And Finally so I finally Have info on what I exactly do at this job of mine.......its like some type of ya know....uh like some type of Anti-Money Laundering investigation. LOL

*Song of the moment: Algebra Blessett- At this Time*

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Well this post is going to be really short. My laptop has died. Actually I think I ran it into the ground to the point that i'm sure it committed suicide. I will have details later this week from my adventure in the A. Any ideas on cheap laptops? ( It's only temporoary until later this year)........

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Goin to ATL once again....

I'm off to Atlanta in a couple of hours......I hope everyone has a great weekend! Speak if you see me!

*Song of the moment: Dear Jayne Feat. Rasheeda-Ice Cream*

Monday, August 18, 2008

Another Day at the Office

Today was very busy for me. I started my new position and my dad also flew in today. So for my first day my supervisor assigned to me the very important task of.......drum roll please..............reading a compliance manual the size of a bell south all in one phone book. I smiled in his face real fake like "I'll definitely read it and take notes". Man as soon as I went to my desk I read one page and layed my lazy ass right inside the book then closed it on my head to block the lights. Twenty minutes later I woke up and read the first section. Feeling accomplished I felt the need to talk to my good buddy ol' pal Merce via text message. Isn't it strange how when you're at work you have the most pointless convos with people just to avoid work. Here's an example of the pointless exchange she and I had in the morning:

Merce: My feet hurt Damn it!!!!

Me: You better tighten them pussy walls up.

Merce: WTF that got to do with anything.

Me: I don't know I was caught up in the jet stream.

Merce: My feet ashy.

Me: Mine look like koala bear feet.

Merce: I Just screamed when I read that message. What is wrong with you?

Me: I'm 4 real it look like I climb trees and shit. But that's ok though because I'm gonna go home and break out my good knives and wear these feet of mine out!!

Merce: Man you sound like that one episode of Martin with Myra's feet.

Me: You got to go to work on Myra's feet!!!

After a big ignorant lunch (I had a burrito and she had some Church's):

Merce: Man I'm so sleepy....we don't do nothin we supposed to. Who do we think we are?

Me: Man we just Negros in america tryna make ends meet.

Merce: in a low ass tax bracket.

Me: But they keep trying to put us in a higher one...that's why I always opt out of all overtime and doing extra for incentives. Just give me my regular 8 to 5 Paycheck......shit all that other stuff don't do nothin but put us in a higher ass tax bracket anyway...shit. Man I'm bout to go to sleep again. call me when you get off.

So that was basically my first day and if everyday is like this then I'm gonna love this job!

Oh before I forget my dad and I went and got some chicken and beer, and watched the Olympics as our first bonding experience in years....It was cool but I feel so country now!!!!

One more thing!!!! I'm gettin ever so close to really finding out what exactly I do in this position so I'll keep ya'll posted.

*Song of the moment: Break The Ice- Britney Spears*

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Just Because I'm Feelin' Good & Random Today.....

Its been about a week since I've had somethin to say. I've been in a very "woe is me" kinda mood...I don't know why (I suspect its the Tundra). Today I've feelin good and sorta sexy..sorta........and also Random!!! Ahem.......

Ok so my Taggaz membership expired and now I realize that I absolutely can't deal with regular free porn so I will be renewing ASAP!

Fanny Pak how could they eliminate you?!!!!! They cannot take the queens givin it I see SMH

Fuck that I feel damn sexy today....shit.

I'm growin out my goatee currently. is that good? I don't know how I feel about it so far.

I've decided that when my dad comes I'm jus going to play it cool because Its just not the right time with me moving soon and stuff. Did I mention my dad is the most country man I've ever met.....sigh I can't wait for him to bring them southern hot links and sausages up here though (is that ghetto that he's bringin all that on a plane or country?).

Its Just a couple of weeks til' labor day in the ATL. me and best friend are so ready.....the question is are ya'll? I know I'm not

I bought this bomb tee from Metropark I just need a fitted to go with it... so Ebay it is!! does anybody else like Metropark?

Man Jazmine sullivan is a mufukin' BEAST in this game.

Is it bad that I only watch gymnastics in hopes that someone will bust their head so I can laugh and scream my little heart out?

Tommorow is my last day in my current position and I'm so fuckin Geeked!!! The sad part is I still don't exactly know what I do in the new position but honestly I don't care just move me and my paycheck up. Yes LAWD!

Did I mention I miss my (My hand is going through withdrawal).

*song of the moment- LL Cool J Feat. The Dream: Baby*

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Damn It I Forgot!!!!

I haven't seen my dad since I was 18, (I'm 21 currently) and I'm pretty used to not seeing him. He and I have an on and off relationship due to him living in North Carolina and not helping my mom when she was taking care of me alone. This year me and him have connected again and he is trying to help me financially and I do appreciate it. So he wanted to come up here to spend some time with me, and then we're gonna drive down to Milwaukee to my cousin's wedding which was really cool. I booked his plane ticket and stuff and was thinking that this would be good seeing my dad and things could really get better between us. As I kept thinking good, positive thoughts something kept itching the back of my brain. I knew I had forgot something, maybe I put his ticket under my name instead of we have the same name, or maybe I wouldn't be off work when is the plane gets here.....nah I'll have plenty of time. Then it hit me...


Damn it!!!! Now its not like I'm some big flame or somethin, but still I've changed a little I'll admit. My mom has been knowing since I was 17 but she didn't want me to tell my dad until I went off to college, but I just kept putting it off because I didn't want to go through that process again ( The first time around was not pretty..not pretty at all). Also with the exception with one of my cousins noone on my dad's side of the family knows I like dudes, and the only reason my cousin knows is because when I told her last year I was comin down to ATL where she lives labor day weekend she basically knew at the point. She just flat out asked me like "You like boys?". I laughed because she asked it with this ghetto/country twang to her voice. I told her the truth and she was cool and we actually have a great relationship. She told me that I should really tell my dad, and I agreed but I still never did it. So here lies the dillemma do I tell him when he comes or should I wait until a better time? My first instinct is to wait but I think its more of me wanting not to deal with this now. Sigh...........confusion is a bitch.

*Song flowing in my ear- India Arie: Good morning*

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Only on Weekends....

Last weekend was uber blah so this weekend I decided to go out mainly because it my friend Merce's going away weekend. She's moving to Dallas to get away from the tundra and I'm super sad she's leaving me behind, but I'm happy to see her going to pursue something different. She is my ride or die, my bottom B**CH, may ace boon coon lol, and I will very much miss her, I'll see her in January though when she comes to visit me at my new location. It will be great to see how our lives are going post tundra.

Thurs night-

So I have Fridays and Saturdays off until I start my position and then it will be Mon-Fri, Thus my weekends starts Thurs night and I'm at work ugly on Sunday morning. Anywho this guy that used to live here, and we'll just call him East-Coast, hit me up sayin he wanted to come through because he just moved back here which was ok as long as he came early becuase I go to sleep early, but in true negro fashion he arrived at like 2 somethin in the morning. So he comes in and immediately wants to get "cozy". I just breathed real hard and was like well..............shit. I know what ya'll thinkin but we didn't do nothin like that ( am I Lying?........ maybe). Later that night/morning he tryin to be all emotional like I'm really feelin you and I wanna see where this goes. HMMM ok well my reply was if you want something even remotely serious with me you have to plan shit with me before 2 in the morning. His reply was so ridiculous I'm too embarrassed to write it...........This Negro says to me, "Well I sleep all day so doin that would mess up my sleeping habits." mind you this man is unemployed as hell so he had no chance anyway but yo lazy ass is triflin still for thinking its ok for you to say that. So basically at this point I just yawned real ugly and gave him the signal that his time was up.


-Nothing too spectacular I just paid my bills and I got my hair cut......OH YEA!! my barber was so doin things to me.....he can hit this thang real soft in the broom closet. What is really up wit gay men and their infatuation with their barbers? But that's a different subject so anyways later that night I went out to the str8 club which was ok for what it was...I saw some of my previous whoop bams (my phrase for friends with benefits). One of them and his friends came over after the club and chilled to like 6 am. It was fun because one of them was like real uppity but later revealed he did all types of drugs so it was funny seeing him trying to justify killing himself.


I got real fresh and sexy and went to the mall of America to do some much needed shopping. I got a pair of dunks and to tees from Metropark. Later I picked up my ex ,and we'll just call him Pimp C (more on him in the future), proceeded to the Merce's goin away dinner at NBA city. I had a freakin blast losin both games of that one basketball know what I'm talkin about right? ......right. Pimp C was a real gentlemen and he actually has his shit together so why did I opt to go home alone and not rekindle the flame? I dunno maybe I need to do a little introspection

So that was basically it for me now I'm at work on this ugly Sunday afternoon that the lord made....and I guess I'm glad in it. I hope everyone had a great weekend!!! and below

I was real tipsy off one drink so my eyes can't be shown at this point....

I love my Merce

You see that dude in the black? Yea that's me losing...

*Song of the Weekend- Trina: Look back at it*

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I got a Promotion!!!!! I don't know what I do though...

So I didn't want to say anything before because I didn't want to jinx it, but I was in the process of interviewing for a higher position within my company . I really didn't think I would get it because you know I'm young and shit so I figured they would feel like I needed more development. Nonetheless I put on my gosh darn Suit and tie and my smart man glasses and BEASTED that Interview.....I mean I was spittin them answers out quicker than he could ask them and I could see the look on his face like wow this is coming from him?!

After the interview he told me he would get back with me in two weeks to let me know because there were a lot of other candidates trying for the position. The interview was yesterday and he offered me the position today with a raise, (not enough to make me stay in the tundra but still good) and I move up like 14 floors. so know I'm a Bank Secrecy Act Specialist III (don't that sound Bomb on my resume?!). Don't ask me what exactly I will be doing because I don't know (I got a little confused when the man was explaining the position to me LOL), but this only the beginning to my struggle out of obscurity so keep watching.....

*Song of the moment- Trey Songz: Gotta Go

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Roast beef for lunch = one sleepy Negro

Man I'm at work real wore out. I'm at my desk extremely bored, and just know that I ate this huge ass roast beef dinner for lunch and now I feel like fat ass appetite!

My weekend kinda sucked. I did absolutely not shit....I mean 4 real a person my age in the middle of the summer should do something other than sittin in the house doin things to himself till it hurts. I don't know why I decline all requests to go out... but I'm not bitter I suppose, I'm just not feelin it.

There's this dude that works by me that is somewhat attractive and always seems to be in my face. I wonder if I should investigate but I'm so over trying to figure out people's sexuality so i'll wait till he says something...if he doesn't then oh well.

This ratchett ass girl behind me sent me an e-mail talkin bout she got that wet-wet.....UMMM yea that doesn't sound too appetizing. I feel bad though for letting her give me a ride home and not inviting her up. I know she was a BURNING BITCH when i did that because she was expecting me to invite her up but shit I really just wanted a ride...shit

I have to go to one of my best friend's son B-day party today. I love her son I wish someday I could have one just like him. I bought him a nice yellow and gray polo from Gap Kid. I'm mad I'm daydreaming about the Taco Salad and Cupcakes at my desk while the roast beef is still fresh on my my mom should have whooped my ass for bein so greedy sometimes...

........well let me get back to work on this nice Sunday afternoon..Here's hoping next weekend I actually go out and kick it a lil

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Obscurity: The back story

Disclaimer: This may kinda boring but if it wasn't a little on the dreary blah side then this blog wouldn't be called Obscurity now would it?

Have you ever been at a point in your life where you thought you had it all figured out, but you find out that you are at a dead end and hadn't even realized until then......?

I am originally from milwaukee and was 100 percent sure I wanted to be here and major in history. I wanted to teach or write a book or something. Being here I've had some really good times; I've done fairly well with my grades, met some great individuals, pledged a black greek letter org, and also got some valuable work experience.

About a year ago after I crossed (insert org here) I kind of felt empty...not so much my decision to pledge but just my life and my decision to move here. I had devoted so much attention to other things but had absolutely no personal at all. I mean it was cool to go to all the college parties and all the straight clubs but soon it just got to the point where I was going just for the music (which wasn't anything special). Now I'm not anything thirsty for boys or seeking to be somewhere where i can go boy crazy but its become to the point where now I just work and come home and do nothing. I don't go out or anything because I don't see the point up here its just super wack.

The weather up here is no joke. I mean the winters here are very harsh and its a struggle just to make it. My car has been towed numerous times for bullshit reasons i.e. snow emergency, spring leaf emergency, fall leaf emergency. It has come to the point where I add being towed into my budget. The cost of living is ridiculous.....I was paying way too much for a 1 bedroom for which I didn't even have a full stove or refrigerator.

I am a very focused individual and my priorities are always in order, but I have reached a point where I feel like I'm going towards getting a pointless degree. I work in banking and I am getting major experience and decent pay. I would love to continue in the financial industry and I plan to do so but I wouldn't get paid anymore if I had a history I want a valuable degree but which one? I don't know.......I haven't decided. all of this constantly depresses I travel ALOT mainly to Atlanta (but I go other places too!!!!! I was at sizzle....shit).

So my solution:

I really think I need a change....a drastic change. I need to start fresh because I feel that is what's best for me because if I stay here I will FAIL AT LIFE....I know I will stop doing everything and eventually give up and go sit in a pile of dirty snow until I no longer breathe. I have already started making preparations for this drastic change, actually since January but its been super motion as of 4th of July weekend. I don't really know if this the right decision but I'm just gonna do it because if I fail the tundra will still be here waiting.

So what is this monumental change you ask?

I'm sure its not that hard to figure out so I'll let you guys state the obvious.....and before ya'll do I'm not making this decision because I want to be extra gay and
So here's my sorta deepness.......sorta
* Song playing in background- Teairra Mari: Find My Way Back*

Monday, July 21, 2008

It's Plies BABBBYYYYY!!!!!!

Ok so its definitely hard in every sense of the word being in the tundra without any stimulation mentally or physically. It's days like today that I start to day dream......of Plies mostly......sigh. Now I'm not even into hood Negroes like that but maaaaaaaan he does something to my spirit.....but alas he is out of touch prolly somewhere in Georgia being a goon or whatever he says. So as I sit here fresh from work I think of him and other things.......random things (I did warn you guys about how random I was LOL).

  • Ok so why did I just purchase my plane ticket to Atlanta for labor day weekend Just because I felt like it?

  • Shutter Glasses need to go back to the pits of hell from which they came.

  • Why is this my fourth trip to Atlanta in one year?

  • I'm still livid that ASIID was eliminated from ABDC

  • Has anyone heard Ciara's song High Price?.....It's the shizz.

  • Man Plies can get it get it get it on the floor

  • I think I left my iron on all day.....when will I learn from my mistakes.

  • I still don't feel like gettin deep yet on here is that a bad sign?.....hmmm

  • I think I may have some crushes on some blog people already.....such a shame

* song playing in background- Plies: Excuse my hands*

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Oh Shizz That Damn Cherry!

Wow it looks like I finally got the nuts to finally start this blogging shin dig. I'm so late for just starting this but do to recent events I am forced by something deep inside to express. SO HERE IT IS.......THIS PLACE I CAll OBSCURITY (more on that later...lets not get too deep prematurely I don't want to pull a muscle....shit).

I really don't know if anyone will ever read this but this is my personal therapy for now and welcome all who want to witness this new journey with me mmmk. some initial stuff about me:

  • I currently reside in Minneapolis (Obscurity!!!!).

  • I hate it here...I Equate it to living in a tundra.

  • I'm 21 and I believe I'm way beyond that mentally...way behind it facially.LOL

  • I'm chocolate in that late Saturday night craving sort of way

  • I attend the University of Minnesota BOOOO!!!! (This is gonna change soon more on that Later....again the muscle).

  • I'm random in that yea let's keep walking past the crazies sort of way (I'm Playing...but only jus a lil).