Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Just Because I'm Feelin' Good & Random Today.....

Its been about a week since I've had somethin to say. I've been in a very "woe is me" kinda mood...I don't know why (I suspect its the Tundra). Today I've feelin good and sorta sexy..sorta........and also Random!!! Ahem.......

Ok so my Taggaz membership expired and now I realize that I absolutely can't deal with regular free porn so I will be renewing ASAP!

Fanny Pak how could they eliminate you?!!!!! They cannot take the queens givin it I see SMH

Fuck that I feel damn sexy today....shit.

I'm growin out my goatee currently. is that good? I don't know how I feel about it so far.

I've decided that when my dad comes I'm jus going to play it cool because Its just not the right time with me moving soon and stuff. Did I mention my dad is the most country man I've ever met.....sigh I can't wait for him to bring them southern hot links and sausages up here though (is that ghetto that he's bringin all that on a plane or country?).

Its Just a couple of weeks til' labor day in the ATL. me and best friend are so ready.....the question is are ya'll? I know I'm not

I bought this bomb tee from Metropark I just need a fitted to go with it... so Ebay it is!! does anybody else like Metropark?

Man Jazmine sullivan is a mufukin' BEAST in this game.

Is it bad that I only watch gymnastics in hopes that someone will bust their head so I can laugh and scream my little heart out?

Tommorow is my last day in my current position and I'm so fuckin Geeked!!! The sad part is I still don't exactly know what I do in the new position but honestly I don't care just move me and my paycheck up. Yes LAWD!

Did I mention I miss my (My hand is going through withdrawal).

*song of the moment- LL Cool J Feat. The Dream: Baby*


Corey Keith said...

"Today I've feelin good and sorta sexy..sorta"
And looking sexy, cutie...

Fanny Pak... what is this... Taggaz.. what is this? Sorry, but I am so lost... I guess its the age thing?

labor day in the ATL... Mmm... So not ready and will not be ready. I have too many friends coming to town with high hopes for fun and all I will want to do is sleep.

Too expensive for what they offer... for my recessioned life that is..

LOL... IT IS BAD that you only watch gymnastics so you can laugh when they bust their heads...

AcousticSoul said...

You can feel sexy all you want to cuz a brotha is looking damn good yo!

I was really bothered by them getting rid of Fanny Pak too. They were hot!

I agree with the whole playing it by ear thing with your day. So what he's country. Embrass it. It's part of your heritage. LMAO!

Is ATL ready for you guys. At the rate of you feeling sexy? I'd say no. LOL

I like Metropark, but it's damn expensive (to me),

. . . .and stop looking for them lil girls to bust they head open to the white meat.

Darius T. Williams said...

LOL too funny.

You do taggaz, huh? Me too - but I ain't paying for a membership. I like taggaz, dawgpound, and papithugz - lol. I sounds like some kinda freak, don't I? Well, I'm not...for real. Well, sometimes. LOL

life said...

lmbo @ can't deal with regular free porn.

Yeah, they may be a little too heavy to deal with on a road trip with your dad. Oh your daddy is country!

I'm sure the kids are ready for you.

Metropark is high!

I like the old Jazmine better. She is sick vocally.

shame on you for wanting them to fall, but it's funny.

You don't know what you doing in this new position...lmbo.

Eb the Celeb said...

So jealous of ya ATL trip...

and yes Jazmine is smashing everyone right now...

I keep Bust your windows and lions, tigers, and bears on heavy rotation!

Q said...

Jazmine is slaying my soul, I live for 'Let You Go'. Have fun in ATL, we will need an update, and you do look sexy in that

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

Well if Atl isn't ready for you, they definitely won't be ready for me!!! I'll see you down there slick! *Wink*

Ut oh@ Taggaz. I have Papithugz but lately my saving grace has been THe site is down right now but it's free and it has the clips that come from all of those sites. SO I'll be discontinuing my papithugz membership soon. LoL.

HisLoveCoversMe said...

Interesting, very interesting.

Turn me up a lil said...

@ bLaQ~n~MiLD: You better speak when you see me!!!

yet another black guy said...

wassup with that beach tho

bLaQ~n~MiLD said...

In tongues even! LoL.