Tuesday, January 6, 2009

When Will Black Film Get it's Groove Back?

Yesterday was a very slow day for me. I just mainly chilled, cleaned up a little, and watched How Stella Got Her Groove Back on BET. I honestly forgot how good of a movie that was. Sure it wasn't SAG award worthy but it's just one of those classic black films. While I was watching I couldn't help but to wonder what exactly happenned to black film? I'm not talking about the onslaught of Tyler Perry Madea Tom Foolery that has been the only skewed representation of African American Culture, I mean I'm not hating on Tyler Perry because I can definately appreciate his point of view. I just would like to see a black film without it having a obvious christian subtext EVERY SINGLE TIME. What happenned to movies like Love Jones, Brown Sugar, or Love & Basketball. It was those movies that had those story lines that u could curl up in a thick down comforter with your best friend, by yourself, or that special someone. Those Sensual sex scenes that made you sweat and squirm just enough to look at your phone with thoughts of callin some dude you know that u shouldn't be callin. Those bomb soundtracks that u had to have.

Why have these movies ceased to exist? Bootlegging, Racism in Hollywood, Tyler Perry Monopoly (my personal favorite conspiracy theory)?

So what are your favorite films of the 90s/early millenium? Below is a clip of that oh so sexy love scene from Jason's Lyric.....Ahh memories.
*Song of the moment: Accapella (Something is Missing)-Brandy*

Jada Pinkett Smith Love Scene - A funny movie is a click away


One Man’s Opinion said...

Oh my goodness....they showed tiddies and ass. LOL. I have not seen that movie in forever. How Stella Got Her Groove Back, I have tried to watch and just can't get into it. However, you are right, something has happened to black movies. I love the Lord, but sometimes a movie just needs to be a movie. Like, Two Can Play That Game. I enjoyed that one. But not Booty Call, that is what is wrong with black media.

Acoustic Soul said...

Something did happen to black movies. Somthing like Soulplane. Pootytang and that dumb ass shit!

Yea, my favorite black movies are Love Jones, What's Love Got to Do With it and This Chirstmas (just to name a few).

deonte' k said...


I liked Poetic Justice, Harlem's Night, and so on lol.

Son of a Bishop said...

I see your point; some of your favorite movies that you mentioned are some of my favorites but you gotta admit that Tyler Perry's "movies" are far more respectable and carry's more weight and a plethora of serious content than his dvds/stage plays, book and etc: Why did I get Married, A Family That Preys and even the movie "A Diary of a Mad Black Woman" I think that one was mistitled. I agree with the other guys: No More Booty Call; Pooty Tang; Soul Plane; Vampire in Brooklyn and etc. LOL!

Oh yeah, welcome to Atlanta my brotha. I'm from PA and have been here for years and love it.

Darius T. Williams said...

Um...do I even have an all time fave from the 90's. I don't even think I do - ain't that a mess?

Ms. Lovely said...

yea i gotta say my fav 90's black movie is Soulfood..love that movie!

The Mellow One said...

I definitely agree. Black movies need to get there damn groove back. I remember crying when Jada got shot...lol...... I think my Ultimate Black Movie would be Love Jones. That damn Nia Long, if i was into women would be the one.

Grinder said...

Thanks for the clip.
favorite black movie is the best man.

with baby boy a close runner-up. Never really felt for Tyler Perry too much.

Eb the Celeb said...

There are good movies out there, their just not making the big screen... you have to dig deep though the independent film circuit to find them. Its sad that we dont have a plethora of these movies that come out a year but hey... that's hollywood... its always been like that. The 90's for some reason just had a boom, and then we went right back to the regularly scheduled program