Thursday, August 28, 2008

Goin to ATL once again....

I'm off to Atlanta in a couple of hours......I hope everyone has a great weekend! Speak if you see me!

*Song of the moment: Dear Jayne Feat. Rasheeda-Ice Cream*

Monday, August 18, 2008

Another Day at the Office

Today was very busy for me. I started my new position and my dad also flew in today. So for my first day my supervisor assigned to me the very important task of.......drum roll please..............reading a compliance manual the size of a bell south all in one phone book. I smiled in his face real fake like "I'll definitely read it and take notes". Man as soon as I went to my desk I read one page and layed my lazy ass right inside the book then closed it on my head to block the lights. Twenty minutes later I woke up and read the first section. Feeling accomplished I felt the need to talk to my good buddy ol' pal Merce via text message. Isn't it strange how when you're at work you have the most pointless convos with people just to avoid work. Here's an example of the pointless exchange she and I had in the morning:

Merce: My feet hurt Damn it!!!!

Me: You better tighten them pussy walls up.

Merce: WTF that got to do with anything.

Me: I don't know I was caught up in the jet stream.

Merce: My feet ashy.

Me: Mine look like koala bear feet.

Merce: I Just screamed when I read that message. What is wrong with you?

Me: I'm 4 real it look like I climb trees and shit. But that's ok though because I'm gonna go home and break out my good knives and wear these feet of mine out!!

Merce: Man you sound like that one episode of Martin with Myra's feet.

Me: You got to go to work on Myra's feet!!!

After a big ignorant lunch (I had a burrito and she had some Church's):

Merce: Man I'm so sleepy....we don't do nothin we supposed to. Who do we think we are?

Me: Man we just Negros in america tryna make ends meet.

Merce: in a low ass tax bracket.

Me: But they keep trying to put us in a higher one...that's why I always opt out of all overtime and doing extra for incentives. Just give me my regular 8 to 5 Paycheck......shit all that other stuff don't do nothin but put us in a higher ass tax bracket anyway...shit. Man I'm bout to go to sleep again. call me when you get off.

So that was basically my first day and if everyday is like this then I'm gonna love this job!

Oh before I forget my dad and I went and got some chicken and beer, and watched the Olympics as our first bonding experience in years....It was cool but I feel so country now!!!!

One more thing!!!! I'm gettin ever so close to really finding out what exactly I do in this position so I'll keep ya'll posted.

*Song of the moment: Break The Ice- Britney Spears*

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Just Because I'm Feelin' Good & Random Today.....

Its been about a week since I've had somethin to say. I've been in a very "woe is me" kinda mood...I don't know why (I suspect its the Tundra). Today I've feelin good and sorta sexy..sorta........and also Random!!! Ahem.......

Ok so my Taggaz membership expired and now I realize that I absolutely can't deal with regular free porn so I will be renewing ASAP!

Fanny Pak how could they eliminate you?!!!!! They cannot take the queens givin it I see SMH

Fuck that I feel damn sexy today....shit.

I'm growin out my goatee currently. is that good? I don't know how I feel about it so far.

I've decided that when my dad comes I'm jus going to play it cool because Its just not the right time with me moving soon and stuff. Did I mention my dad is the most country man I've ever met.....sigh I can't wait for him to bring them southern hot links and sausages up here though (is that ghetto that he's bringin all that on a plane or country?).

Its Just a couple of weeks til' labor day in the ATL. me and best friend are so ready.....the question is are ya'll? I know I'm not

I bought this bomb tee from Metropark I just need a fitted to go with it... so Ebay it is!! does anybody else like Metropark?

Man Jazmine sullivan is a mufukin' BEAST in this game.

Is it bad that I only watch gymnastics in hopes that someone will bust their head so I can laugh and scream my little heart out?

Tommorow is my last day in my current position and I'm so fuckin Geeked!!! The sad part is I still don't exactly know what I do in the new position but honestly I don't care just move me and my paycheck up. Yes LAWD!

Did I mention I miss my (My hand is going through withdrawal).

*song of the moment- LL Cool J Feat. The Dream: Baby*

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Damn It I Forgot!!!!

I haven't seen my dad since I was 18, (I'm 21 currently) and I'm pretty used to not seeing him. He and I have an on and off relationship due to him living in North Carolina and not helping my mom when she was taking care of me alone. This year me and him have connected again and he is trying to help me financially and I do appreciate it. So he wanted to come up here to spend some time with me, and then we're gonna drive down to Milwaukee to my cousin's wedding which was really cool. I booked his plane ticket and stuff and was thinking that this would be good seeing my dad and things could really get better between us. As I kept thinking good, positive thoughts something kept itching the back of my brain. I knew I had forgot something, maybe I put his ticket under my name instead of we have the same name, or maybe I wouldn't be off work when is the plane gets here.....nah I'll have plenty of time. Then it hit me...


Damn it!!!! Now its not like I'm some big flame or somethin, but still I've changed a little I'll admit. My mom has been knowing since I was 17 but she didn't want me to tell my dad until I went off to college, but I just kept putting it off because I didn't want to go through that process again ( The first time around was not pretty..not pretty at all). Also with the exception with one of my cousins noone on my dad's side of the family knows I like dudes, and the only reason my cousin knows is because when I told her last year I was comin down to ATL where she lives labor day weekend she basically knew at the point. She just flat out asked me like "You like boys?". I laughed because she asked it with this ghetto/country twang to her voice. I told her the truth and she was cool and we actually have a great relationship. She told me that I should really tell my dad, and I agreed but I still never did it. So here lies the dillemma do I tell him when he comes or should I wait until a better time? My first instinct is to wait but I think its more of me wanting not to deal with this now. Sigh...........confusion is a bitch.

*Song flowing in my ear- India Arie: Good morning*

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Only on Weekends....

Last weekend was uber blah so this weekend I decided to go out mainly because it my friend Merce's going away weekend. She's moving to Dallas to get away from the tundra and I'm super sad she's leaving me behind, but I'm happy to see her going to pursue something different. She is my ride or die, my bottom B**CH, may ace boon coon lol, and I will very much miss her, I'll see her in January though when she comes to visit me at my new location. It will be great to see how our lives are going post tundra.

Thurs night-

So I have Fridays and Saturdays off until I start my position and then it will be Mon-Fri, Thus my weekends starts Thurs night and I'm at work ugly on Sunday morning. Anywho this guy that used to live here, and we'll just call him East-Coast, hit me up sayin he wanted to come through because he just moved back here which was ok as long as he came early becuase I go to sleep early, but in true negro fashion he arrived at like 2 somethin in the morning. So he comes in and immediately wants to get "cozy". I just breathed real hard and was like well..............shit. I know what ya'll thinkin but we didn't do nothin like that ( am I Lying?........ maybe). Later that night/morning he tryin to be all emotional like I'm really feelin you and I wanna see where this goes. HMMM ok well my reply was if you want something even remotely serious with me you have to plan shit with me before 2 in the morning. His reply was so ridiculous I'm too embarrassed to write it...........This Negro says to me, "Well I sleep all day so doin that would mess up my sleeping habits." mind you this man is unemployed as hell so he had no chance anyway but yo lazy ass is triflin still for thinking its ok for you to say that. So basically at this point I just yawned real ugly and gave him the signal that his time was up.


-Nothing too spectacular I just paid my bills and I got my hair cut......OH YEA!! my barber was so doin things to me.....he can hit this thang real soft in the broom closet. What is really up wit gay men and their infatuation with their barbers? But that's a different subject so anyways later that night I went out to the str8 club which was ok for what it was...I saw some of my previous whoop bams (my phrase for friends with benefits). One of them and his friends came over after the club and chilled to like 6 am. It was fun because one of them was like real uppity but later revealed he did all types of drugs so it was funny seeing him trying to justify killing himself.


I got real fresh and sexy and went to the mall of America to do some much needed shopping. I got a pair of dunks and to tees from Metropark. Later I picked up my ex ,and we'll just call him Pimp C (more on him in the future), proceeded to the Merce's goin away dinner at NBA city. I had a freakin blast losin both games of that one basketball know what I'm talkin about right? ......right. Pimp C was a real gentlemen and he actually has his shit together so why did I opt to go home alone and not rekindle the flame? I dunno maybe I need to do a little introspection

So that was basically it for me now I'm at work on this ugly Sunday afternoon that the lord made....and I guess I'm glad in it. I hope everyone had a great weekend!!! and below

I was real tipsy off one drink so my eyes can't be shown at this point....

I love my Merce

You see that dude in the black? Yea that's me losing...

*Song of the Weekend- Trina: Look back at it*