Monday, November 8, 2010

For Colored Girls: A Tragedy

As jilted women, church congregations, and self loathing men stampede to yet another Tyler Perry Movie, one has to wonder is this the TRUE voice of our community. Perry attempts to finally be taken seriously as a director and visionary in his new film “For Colored Girls” which is based on the 1975 Choreopoem/play “For Colored Girls Who Have considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf” by Ntozake Shange. I, believe it or not, was very excited to see this movie being that it appeared to be a staunch departure from Perry’s previous work. I didn’t read any reviews or editorials because I wanted to be able to make the most honest judgment I could. Put simply my optimism was in vain, because what I saw was disgusting, and failed to promote the image of African Americans, rather it reinforced stigmas and did little to empower women.
Let’s get the good out of the way first. This movie was saved by the performances of the ensemble cast. Thandie Newton was my absolute favorite. Everyone raved on Kimberly Elise’s performance, which was amazing, however I’m always excited to see an actor perform outside of their norm. Her Character was basically the town slut, and oh did she play it well. She was bold and unapologetic when it came to her very friendly sex life. I feel like she was only character that was actually empowering, even with her eventual realization that she as a woman should not sleep around because its more suited for men…sigh. Also I didn’t have a problem with the characters randomly spitting out random outbursts of poetry. Even though the wording of the poems was somewhat dated in the present day setting of the movie, it still was a unique approach that I never seen done before, and that I can appreciate. I will also give Perry credit for using a good range of pigmentation in the movie.
Unfortunately with the movies small successes come great fallacies. Firstly this film shows that Perry is a absolutely terrible director. He has no idea about subtlety and nuance. His obvious messages are pushed into the audience’s faces as if we cannot connect the dots without someone holding the pencil for us. The scene where the girl goes to get an abortion was cringe worthy at the least. Let’s be serious this movie is set in present day New York and you’re telling me that this girl has to dodge crack heads, pit bulls, and gamblers only to get a botched abortion from some destitute woman. We get it Tyler…you’re anti-choice, but using scare tactics in order to get your message across is exhausting and further discredits you as a legitimate film maker (not that u care since you hardly open your films to critics before the release dates.) It is evident that it is more important to Perry to pander to his core church audience, rather than to take a leap of faith and create a true artistic work that would compliment or even elevate the original work.
Through most of the movie I was irritated because in one scene it would take 2 steps forward, then in the next one trillion steps backwards, but towards the end I felt intense anger and sadness. First was the scene with the Babies falling out of the window. This is the moment that I felt the movie had completely gone to shit. Yet another example of Perry not giving the audience enough credit, and resorting to ultra melodramatic climaxes that drain the viewer. This scene was completely unnecessary and honestly unrealistic. I’m sorry I know this could happen but it is THE WORST CASE SCENARIO. Next up is the oh so tired “Down low” storyline scattered throughout the movie. Watching Janet predictably find out that her husband was secretly sleeping with men and ultimately infecting her with HIV was a tragedy to view. You could hear the women in the audience gasp and moan when the HIV was revealed. In that moment I felt like irreversible damage had been done to black gay men everywhere. The homophobic undertones were agonizing, and I felt absolutely helpless in a sea of angry black women ready to burn any gay man they saw at the stake. The problem is that their ignorance has been legitimized because the idea that bisexual men are the cause for the explosion of HIV in black women is on the big screen all across America. There is no message telling these women that there is no verifiable link with bisexual men creating the HIV epidemic among African American women. How can we…better yet how can I watch something like this and come out of theater exclaiming, “wow that was his best film yet!”, when I have been effectively demonized and drummed to a HIV vessel ready to pounce on the first unsuspecting woman I encounter.
Now comes the important question I’m sure you are thinking. Will I spend money in the future on a Tyler Perry movie? I want to say no, but the truth is I probably will since he is the only voice we have for now, yet saying that discredits this whole post right?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Light Gray Eyes, Hour Glass Frame

Sorry,some of the vid is cut off...However this is beyond hilarious. Oh and Yes I know its been like 5 years...I have no excuse or explanation so just enjoy the video. Good Day.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Racism Experiment....


Came Across this very interesting Vid about shopping while black.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


I'm sexually and emotionally frustrated......That is all

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

SooOoooo Obsessed.....

with these Nike Dunks. I saw them in the store today and died for like 10 minutes.

Oh by the way this is a random post, and it starts.................NOW

  • Dorian from college hill is PACKIN'.....I'm not really into to the obvious closet queen types but i would definitely like to......................I need to stop here.

  • How do we feel about Mariah's new single "Obsessed"? I like it...very catchy
  • Aren't we excited for Transformers?!

  • I hate paying for oil changes....but will never do them myself.

  • I really should be listening to my professor but blogging is more exciting.

  • speaking of class, there's this older black woman in my class. would it be wrong to ask her to come cook some soul food at my house? I really miss my mom.

  • So Obama killed a fly....I love it when he's aggressive.

  • if you're single is it ok to sometimes "make love" or just FUCK?.....I tend to gravitate towards the latter....

*Song of the moment: JoJo- 25 to Life*

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'm the Shit Wit This Shit....

So for this past week I've been jammin to my girls Electrik Red Non stop. I absolutely love their album! Its super original...very kelis-esque but still something we haven't heard from a girl group. The songs are bangers wit vulger lyrics that give enough shock to keep you listening. The album is all produced exclusively by The Dream and ya'll know I luvs me some Him (and Plies..)!
My favorite songs:
  • Freaky Freaky

  • On Point (my fav at the moment)

  • W.F.Y. (We Fuck You)

  • Drink in My Cup

  • 9 to 5

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Only on Weekends...

This weekend was a dizzy whirlwind. I was definitely drained near death by Monday morning.

Friday: I stayed late at work then went to the barbershop. Then I moved from 10 at night till 6 am the next day. Some dude came over with another friend that was extra muscular so made him move the big stuff I was too lazy to pick up. I may let him take me on a couple of dates....

Saturday: I was completely in zombie mode at work. I came home and went to sleep, woke up to eat and then back to bed.

Sunday: Work sucked, but I was lookin' forward for some poolside fun. The pool party in Buckhead was exactly what I needed. The Italian was there and I chilled with him for a while then bumped around socializing with a hint of flirtation in my eyes. Sebastian found out we were on "the list" for club Eros (whatever that means because we still paid 5 dollars). It was an ok crowd but I needed a little more. Total sidebar: I have this dude that is like my eternal flirt buddy. Every time we see each other we dance, flirt, chop it up, and exchange seductive glances, but since we kinda run in the same circles we've kind of stayed away from taking it further. I'm kind of tired of it now because he needs to be my husband!!! anywho the start of my summer in ATL was very promising. I kind of feel a random post coming on so be on the look out!

*Song of the moment: Electrik Red- Drank in My Cup*