Friday, September 18, 2009

Racism Experiment....


Came Across this very interesting Vid about shopping while black.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


I'm sexually and emotionally frustrated......That is all

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

SooOoooo Obsessed.....

with these Nike Dunks. I saw them in the store today and died for like 10 minutes.

Oh by the way this is a random post, and it starts.................NOW

  • Dorian from college hill is PACKIN'.....I'm not really into to the obvious closet queen types but i would definitely like to......................I need to stop here.

  • How do we feel about Mariah's new single "Obsessed"? I like it...very catchy
  • Aren't we excited for Transformers?!

  • I hate paying for oil changes....but will never do them myself.

  • I really should be listening to my professor but blogging is more exciting.

  • speaking of class, there's this older black woman in my class. would it be wrong to ask her to come cook some soul food at my house? I really miss my mom.

  • So Obama killed a fly....I love it when he's aggressive.

  • if you're single is it ok to sometimes "make love" or just FUCK?.....I tend to gravitate towards the latter....

*Song of the moment: JoJo- 25 to Life*

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'm the Shit Wit This Shit....

So for this past week I've been jammin to my girls Electrik Red Non stop. I absolutely love their album! Its super original...very kelis-esque but still something we haven't heard from a girl group. The songs are bangers wit vulger lyrics that give enough shock to keep you listening. The album is all produced exclusively by The Dream and ya'll know I luvs me some Him (and Plies..)!
My favorite songs:
  • Freaky Freaky

  • On Point (my fav at the moment)

  • W.F.Y. (We Fuck You)

  • Drink in My Cup

  • 9 to 5

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Only on Weekends...

This weekend was a dizzy whirlwind. I was definitely drained near death by Monday morning.

Friday: I stayed late at work then went to the barbershop. Then I moved from 10 at night till 6 am the next day. Some dude came over with another friend that was extra muscular so made him move the big stuff I was too lazy to pick up. I may let him take me on a couple of dates....

Saturday: I was completely in zombie mode at work. I came home and went to sleep, woke up to eat and then back to bed.

Sunday: Work sucked, but I was lookin' forward for some poolside fun. The pool party in Buckhead was exactly what I needed. The Italian was there and I chilled with him for a while then bumped around socializing with a hint of flirtation in my eyes. Sebastian found out we were on "the list" for club Eros (whatever that means because we still paid 5 dollars). It was an ok crowd but I needed a little more. Total sidebar: I have this dude that is like my eternal flirt buddy. Every time we see each other we dance, flirt, chop it up, and exchange seductive glances, but since we kinda run in the same circles we've kind of stayed away from taking it further. I'm kind of tired of it now because he needs to be my husband!!! anywho the start of my summer in ATL was very promising. I kind of feel a random post coming on so be on the look out!

*Song of the moment: Electrik Red- Drank in My Cup*

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Today Sebastian and I will be moving into a new apartment. We're still in the same complex but we're upgrading to an APT with more space. Although I am excited for this move I do have to admit I'm a little sad to leave my current living space. So many struggles, planning, studying, and more planning has went one in my first apartment. From a field mouse sneaking in and me jumping on the counter screaming "KILL IT KILL IT" with a pot in my hand to Watching the Real Housewives of New York Reunion having the best laughs of the year. I can still remember how I felt the first time I walked in. I felt like I arrived and my life had taken a great turn for the better. As the sunlight broke through the vertical blinds in the living room I somehow knew I had made the right decision. So to my current living space I say Farewell old chap!!! it's been nice and I will forever remember my many intellectual and yes sexual endeavors that I have experienced inside of you.

*Song of the Moment: Tamar-New Day*

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm sorry!!!

I'm not dead I swear. Atlanta has not swallowed me whole. The recession hasn't sent me back to Minnesota. There so much that has went on since my last post during MLK....too much to talk about. Nothing too dramatic though. I've been working so hard on my life here. I work at another bank, and I jus finished my first semester of school here. I'm actually in summer school right now not paying attention. So since its really pointless to try to go back through all events since January, I'll jus sum it up in saying its was rough and wild but I'm all good and actually pretty satisfied with my progress.

Recent events have been pretty interesting:

School right now sucks.....I have class until super late at night and I am not a happy camper, but I did get my final grades back from last semester and they were pretty good. Sidebar: It's so weird the way the racial demographic has changed in my classes since moving from Minnesota. Also I am so FUCKING tired of buying books then not being able to sell them back....College is such a corporation LOL.
I'm still single, but for the first time in a while I think I may be looking for something with a little more substance. I did go on a date recently with someone from a rival frat...shame on me. We'll call him The Italian because of his name. The date was very very good. We had good convo, nice restaurant, and a cute face to look at. He took me this Tapas bar in the Virginia-Highland area. For some reason I didn't realize that the portions were so small, so unfortunately i was hungry when I left but the idea was cute LOL.

Random notes about SIZZLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

We all know that I love me some Miami sizzle.Sebastian and I got our complete life and a lil mo'.......

I did meet a blogger (this is becoming a vacation tradition of mine) who was actually very cool so hopefully we'll get to converse in the future.

I have so many random area codes in my phone for no reason.

I was drunk most of the weekend off Bacardi and Tequila sunrises....therefore I don't know if i was a bad boy or not.

I need a GYM!!!

I ate a steak sandwich outside the club and it was so nasty....but good the next morning.

I naired and it burned so good...

I've actually been writing this post for more than a week...

*Song of the Moment: Lil Wayne Feat. Drake-Every Girl*

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Prequel

So here we are once again with another MLK weekend. Some opted for inauguration some for here, but whatever you chose I'm sure you'll have an very interesting experience. This is my second MLK ATL weekend, but this time I'm not visiting so it'll be a little different. Tonight Sebastian and I plan on going to Wetbar instead of Bulldog because of the frigid temperatures. I don't feel like gettin' caught up in the Minnesota like weather standin in a ridiculous line. I'll be sure to update you guys on this weekend's endeavors. Hopefully I'll keep my clothes on all weekend.......
P.S. Speak if you see me, I'm nice I promise!

*Song of the Moment: Teairra Mari-Hunt 4 U*

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

When Will Black Film Get it's Groove Back?

Yesterday was a very slow day for me. I just mainly chilled, cleaned up a little, and watched How Stella Got Her Groove Back on BET. I honestly forgot how good of a movie that was. Sure it wasn't SAG award worthy but it's just one of those classic black films. While I was watching I couldn't help but to wonder what exactly happenned to black film? I'm not talking about the onslaught of Tyler Perry Madea Tom Foolery that has been the only skewed representation of African American Culture, I mean I'm not hating on Tyler Perry because I can definately appreciate his point of view. I just would like to see a black film without it having a obvious christian subtext EVERY SINGLE TIME. What happenned to movies like Love Jones, Brown Sugar, or Love & Basketball. It was those movies that had those story lines that u could curl up in a thick down comforter with your best friend, by yourself, or that special someone. Those Sensual sex scenes that made you sweat and squirm just enough to look at your phone with thoughts of callin some dude you know that u shouldn't be callin. Those bomb soundtracks that u had to have.

Why have these movies ceased to exist? Bootlegging, Racism in Hollywood, Tyler Perry Monopoly (my personal favorite conspiracy theory)?

So what are your favorite films of the 90s/early millenium? Below is a clip of that oh so sexy love scene from Jason's Lyric.....Ahh memories.
*Song of the moment: Accapella (Something is Missing)-Brandy*

Jada Pinkett Smith Love Scene - A funny movie is a click away

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Reflections 2008 and New direction

Today I Attended Church To give thanks to God for taking me through 2008 without much struggle. I have realized that I Have become too self reliant, and I need to give some things to God to take care of. I do need him. This is something is that is hard for me to say because I always try to do everything on my own, but I Know that sometimes getting help is ok. I plan to do big things in 2009 and my focus is at 1000 percent.

Sooo...I wanted to do my favorite things of 2008 kinda thing.

Favorite song that was released in 2007 but i didn't listen until 2008 LOL
Nikki: The Dream

Favorite girl group song
Damaged: Danity Kane

Favorite song from an artist that actually has talent
In Love with Another Man: Jazmine Sullivan

Favorite Ratchett song:
Aint I remix: Yung LA

Favorite gay boy song
Beyonce:Single Ladies

Favorite Album
Danity Kane: Welcome to the Dollhouse


Favorite Store:

Favorite Brand:

Favorite Shoe:
Nike Dunk High top.....yellow gray and black

Least Favorite gay boy trend:
Lil Wayne A Milli Scarves
Shutter Frames (ok that was two but they both had to be mentioned)


Favorite Memory:
Being at Club Space at Miami Sizzle and seeing the sun rise at the rooftop.......amazing

Favorite Mistake:
Leaving the lights on in my car so many muthafuckin times, and thus using up all my roadside assistance within two months.

Favorite ATL club: The Chapparel (or "The Shap" as I call it).

Favorite Dance:
The Ricky Bobby

Favorite Blogger:
Corey Keith

Favorite Blog Post:
Another Day at The Office

Favorite Youtube Video:

Random Tidbit: Happy Pre Founders Day to those who it matters to!!

*Song of the Moment: Keri Hilson Feat. Lil Wayne-Turnin Me On*