Friday, October 31, 2008

Almost There

Very short post today, but I promise I will give a full one this weekend...(or next week, Ya'll know how I do).

So I'm in Milwaukee for a couple of days to see my family and meet up with Sebastian so he can trail me down to Georgia. Lord knows I don't feel like driving all these hours. My car is jam packed with a whole bunch of stuff I probably don't need but I'm such a pack rat, and I can only fight it so much. The best part of this whole moving thing so far is that it only cost me 28 dollars to fill up my tank. This is amazing because it used to cost me 70 dollars to fill up my big body caprice....yes 70 dollars! When I filled up my new car I was so confused like what does the screen say? I thought the pump had malfunctioned or somethin. I had to give my life to the lord in that moment for that blessing LOL.

Total sidebar: Why did one of my prior cut buddies ask me one a date? Where did he ask me to go?.....To Burger King. Are you serious? do you think I'm a two dolla ass negro? his response, "Well shit we can go to Pizza hut then." What? Please know that his number was deleted immediately

Anywho I need to make some cds for they trip but can't think of any good new songs. Any ideas?

Song of the Moment: *Jazmine Sullivan-My Foolish Heart*

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Organized Chaos

In an attempt to get things in order before I depart more than 1100 miles away things are getting really hectic. I hate hate hate waiting and depicted above (through my hands) is my frustration of gettin my brakes done. It took Forever!!! but they are done and I'm happy with my car situation. I just bought it last month, and so far it's running just fine.

All my furniture is going away. I sold my living room, bedroom, and kitchen set. My bedroom is now in shambles everything gone in a quick 15 minutes.

This is my bedroom before

Here it is at present. chaotic? yes but I know where everything is

Dating? hmmm...I don't even know what to say about that. I've been talkin to this dude since May that lives in Atlanta. We get along, nothing too serious, however once I get there will it change. I really do like him, but who knows what's ahead of me. He doesn't put any pressure on me either which is very good, or it may be he doesn't want to commit either. Every other dude is not even worth mentioning because they're either 1. Broke 2. ugly (extremely) 3. Broke and ugly.

So my near future roommate just got word that his sister will not be making the drive south with us, and with my friend flaking out on me too that means that both me and him will be driving down alone in our separate cars BOOOOOO!!!! I should give my roommate a name hmmm......Sebastian is fitting for him. I will post a pic of him very soon.

*Song of the moment: Tupac Feat. Keyshia Cole- Play your Cards Right*

Saturday, October 11, 2008

This is Art

This new video of 'If I Were a Boy' be Beyonce is amahhhhhhzing. It brought so much to an already top notch song. That's all I have to say for now, however I may be back like tomorrow to do a real post.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Minnesota Chainsaw Massacre

I have not blogged in SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long. I've been so busy, tired, horny, depressed, happy, angry, and horny all over again. So I ended up working 19 days straight with no days all...BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! But I do get hella overtime yay! Nothing really interesting happenned over the course of those days except that I bought a car.....yay!!! and I bought it wholesale so I have no car payments double yay!!!........AND i can be real ghetto and ratch and just get liability Insurance triple YAY!!!!!! Ok enough of the have you guys been Corey?.......ok not so good. Darius?.........laughing at mentally challenged individuals....tisk Me I'm doing really good this week. God has really been good to me very recently, and even though all things might come tumbling down next week I'll still have faith. what else....I'm lame, and I have nothing interesting to talk about. Obviously its 3:47 PM and I should be working but I ain't doin shit as usual, but texting and watching Youtube on my phone. I did go to a haunted house last weekend and it wasn't nothin BUT the lord that got me through it. What in the fuck is wrong with these mid western farmers and their twisted minds. I mean one part had a man with a chain saw that was turned on. I got so scared that I pushed everybody out the way, pulled this girl tracks out (she said it was her real hair but we all KNOW that wasn't nothin but Yaki), and jetted up the pathway. Tell me why the man with the chain saw started chasing me with gosh darn thing turned on. I did make it out safe but not without bein torn, brusied, and musty..........jk that degree is a beast.

Moving on the countdown has began for the big move and much business has to be taken care of. I will try to keep u guys updated, and I have more videos to post of people hurting themselves.....I should make it a weekly feature....Yes?....No?

*Song of the moment-Neyo: Single*