Tuesday, June 23, 2009

SooOoooo Obsessed.....

with these Nike Dunks. I saw them in the store today and died for like 10 minutes.

Oh by the way this is a random post, and it starts.................NOW

  • Dorian from college hill is PACKIN'.....I'm not really into to the obvious closet queen types but i would definitely like to......................I need to stop here.

  • How do we feel about Mariah's new single "Obsessed"? I like it...very catchy
  • Aren't we excited for Transformers?!

  • I hate paying for oil changes....but will never do them myself.

  • I really should be listening to my professor but blogging is more exciting.

  • speaking of class, there's this older black woman in my class. would it be wrong to ask her to come cook some soul food at my house? I really miss my mom.

  • So Obama killed a fly....I love it when he's aggressive.

  • if you're single is it ok to sometimes "make love" or just FUCK?.....I tend to gravitate towards the latter....

*Song of the moment: JoJo- 25 to Life*


Noble P said...

I will definitely say that my future ex husband Dorian can so hit it!!! I also blast "Obsessed" in my car all the time because its soooooo good.

I have to get an oil change myself and i know it can't be that difficult to do but hell its so much easier to let someone else do it for me

Lamar Perez said...

I have never really been a MC fan, I have some of her albums, but can't really listen to its entirety unless I'm cleaning up.

Transformers was absolutely the best movie I have seen this year although it was freakin 3 hours! and it made me late to Club Insomnia this past July 4th.

What university you attend?

Crazy Diamond said...
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