Friday, October 31, 2008

Almost There

Very short post today, but I promise I will give a full one this weekend...(or next week, Ya'll know how I do).

So I'm in Milwaukee for a couple of days to see my family and meet up with Sebastian so he can trail me down to Georgia. Lord knows I don't feel like driving all these hours. My car is jam packed with a whole bunch of stuff I probably don't need but I'm such a pack rat, and I can only fight it so much. The best part of this whole moving thing so far is that it only cost me 28 dollars to fill up my tank. This is amazing because it used to cost me 70 dollars to fill up my big body caprice....yes 70 dollars! When I filled up my new car I was so confused like what does the screen say? I thought the pump had malfunctioned or somethin. I had to give my life to the lord in that moment for that blessing LOL.

Total sidebar: Why did one of my prior cut buddies ask me one a date? Where did he ask me to go?.....To Burger King. Are you serious? do you think I'm a two dolla ass negro? his response, "Well shit we can go to Pizza hut then." What? Please know that his number was deleted immediately

Anywho I need to make some cds for they trip but can't think of any good new songs. Any ideas?

Song of the Moment: *Jazmine Sullivan-My Foolish Heart*


houstonmacbro said...

So you're moving to Atlanta? I must have missed a post or two. Lemme back up.

As for the cut buddy ... what would you have said if he asked you out to ... SONIC?


WhozHe said...

Hope the trip was safe.

Darius T. Williams said...

LOL at giving ur life to the Lord - now that's funny!

Be safe driving down to the ATL.

But um, I wanna know what you're doing for school...mkay?

[jei.lamar] said...

LMAO! I'm mad he opted for pizza hut after u denied him burger king.... I guess he thought u might say yes if he added 10 more dollas to it...have a safe trip!

Acoustic Soul said...

I'm sure you've been in ATL for sometime now. How you just gonna leave us hanging!?