Thursday, June 4, 2009


Today Sebastian and I will be moving into a new apartment. We're still in the same complex but we're upgrading to an APT with more space. Although I am excited for this move I do have to admit I'm a little sad to leave my current living space. So many struggles, planning, studying, and more planning has went one in my first apartment. From a field mouse sneaking in and me jumping on the counter screaming "KILL IT KILL IT" with a pot in my hand to Watching the Real Housewives of New York Reunion having the best laughs of the year. I can still remember how I felt the first time I walked in. I felt like I arrived and my life had taken a great turn for the better. As the sunlight broke through the vertical blinds in the living room I somehow knew I had made the right decision. So to my current living space I say Farewell old chap!!! it's been nice and I will forever remember my many intellectual and yes sexual endeavors that I have experienced inside of you.

*Song of the Moment: Tamar-New Day*

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Corey Keith said...

It's about time you came back to us! I can't wait to see the new place...